Our product engineering skills and R&D lab help us to develop best quality of Pulses. We can be involved with our whole team perform various function such as purchase, processing, quality control, and packaging etc. We are offering all facilities for performance testing, product validation and endurance testing. We procure our products from natural sources that guarantee our customers of our authenticity.

Laxmi Pulses are unpolished and have not been damaged by artificial stone powder, colour or oil that are used by others to polish dals. While processing dals we do not add marble powder (very harmful for intestines), oil polish (added fat), water polish (source of water is unknown) or leather belt polish (animal skin touch). The inherent quality of pulses and the nutrient values of dals are not compromised in Laxmi Pulses.

Our test reports indicate that the time taken for cooking unpolished dals is the same as that for polished ones. So why compromise on quality and good health? Why not eat natural dals and experience better quality and taste, resulting in a healthier you! In Laxmi Dal  Mills, you will get more dal per cup than before!

Our state of the art processing plant is located at Industrial Area Narela, Delhi . The plant has the latest & most sophisticated machines incorporating world class technology for the production, inspection, quality control, storage & transportation of Moong and toor Dal.


Our team comprises of highly dedicated & trained professionals to perform various functions such as purchase, processing, quality control, packaging and accounts etc. these professionals are best in the industry and strive to achieve perfection in all aspects of their fields of work.

Laxmi Pulses

Fulfill the basic consumer need for a wholesome Indian farm-grown, nutritious Dal. Their key benefits are:

  • All-natural, farm-fresh
  • No added chemicals, polish or colors
  • 100% laser-sorted, machine-cleaned and graded
  • Premium-quality grain
  • Packed with natural flavor and taste